Services: Administration support

NATAM is specialised in the selection and the ongoing supervision of service providers, to identifying and managing the most suitable partners for your strategy and product structure. ;

NATAM operating model supports the use of different providers, also designated by the Client, to perform certain tasks that may be outsourced.

NATAM is specialized in the selection and supervision of the administration service providers (Fund accounting, transfer agent, fund control, Custody & Paying Agent, Fund administration monitoring). NATAM assists in the preparation and analysis of requests for proposal for delegates and service providers, ensuring the selection of the most suitable partner for your strategy and product structure.

Its open architecture allows NATAM to work with delegated professional counterparts that fit the client’s profile, needs and size.

NATAM manages the ongoing supervision of the delegates at both the fund and the asset level, (for example reviewing funds transactions, NAV calculations, fee payments and retrocessions), and overall ensuring the smooth operation of the day-to-day activities of your fund.

To ensure the adequacy and quality of services, the delegates are subject to periodic service level reviews.

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